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Retiring in Cheyenne

Retiring in Cheyenne can give you the sense of freedom that you’ve always thought being an American should bring. Whether you make your ranch a year-round home or a seasonal family retreat is your choice. It's not "getting away from it all", it's truly having it all.

How to Live off-Grid on a Ranch

Going "off the grid" simply means maintaining a lifestyle free from the system that delivers utilities to the masses. There's nothing quite like living off the land on your ranch, away from the constraints of society.

Land Investments With the Help of The Brooks Companies

Why should anyone consider land investments? For some people, it is an appreciating way to invest cash. For others, land is for farming and bringing in an income.

Ranching the Arizona Southwestern Dream 2

Arizona is the painted desert of the United States. The beautiful sun-kissed desert, vast canyons and lush mountain range call to the pioneering spirit of Arizona ranchers and land owners. Arizona ranch land is available for purchase as a residence or investment.

Home on the Range: Wyoming Real Estate From The Brooks Companies

Choose your slice of the great wide open from among several of The Brooks Companies’ locations. The Brooks Companies, a thriving and reliable developer in Wyoming real estate since 1969, has many available ranches located across Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico.

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