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What Is Seller Financing?

When a property is available that offers seller financing, oftentimes potential buyers are confused about the terms. Seller financing is a simple option that allows the buyer to pay the current property owner for the property much in the same way they would pay a bank or hard moneylender.

Ranches in the Next Generation

The history of ranching in the American West is a long and colorful one, beginning with the Homestead Act and the migration of future ranchers for a promised 160 acres of public land per person.

Historical Ranches in Arizona

Years ago there were double the number of ranches there are today, but from then until now, ranching has been an integral part of the industry of Arizona. Several of the ranches are historical gems that still operate in some form.

Ranch Land: How Big Is 40 Acres?

Isn't it time to shed the noisy hassles, bothers and doldrums of life in the city and buy that ranch you've always dreamed about owning?

The Benefits of Buying Land in New Mexico

There is an abundance of ranch land for sale in New Mexico that is bound to fit your needs.

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