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Retiring to Your Own Arizona Ranchland: What You Need to Know



Attaining your dream of owning a ranch used to mean saving up a substantial amount of money to purchase a piece of property that might be too big for you to manage as you get older. Today, you can own a 40 acre piece of Arizona ranchland for under $45,000, a bargain compared to the price of land in the rest of the country.


Buying the Land


Purchasing land to retire on now can be a smart move, whether you are ready to exit the workforce immediately, or if you plan on doing so in the next few years. Arizona ranchland  does not come up for sale in small parcels very often, so even if you need to hang on to it for a few years before doing anything, it would not be a bad idea to make your purchase now. Financing options are available through the Brooks Ranchland making it easy to buy a plot with no qualifications necessary and a very small down payment.

Improving Your Land

If you plan on living on the land in the next few years, you will need to contact utility providers to run electric lines for power. Water typically comes from your own well, with the process costing anywhere between $1,500-$7,000 depending on how deep the water table is underneath your plot. In addition, you will need to have a septic system installed in order to take care of your sewage treatment needs since there are no sewer lines in the area.

For those who want a more green experience, Arizona offers the perfect climate for solar power, eliminating the need to have a dedicated electric line run out to a more remote parcel.

What You Can Do Before You Move

Even if you do not plan on moving onto your land immediately, you can still benefit from the land by using it as a place to camp, either with a tent or camper/RV. Since the land is zoned as residential-agricultural, you can choose to put a few head of cattle on the plot as well if you live in the area, or rent it out to an interested party who might be looking for a small ranching opportunity.