Casper, Wyoming Tourism: A Guide to Wyoming Living


Wyoming has amazing experiences to offer for both residents and tourists. The historic cowboy town of Casper is bursting with western pioneer history, culture, shopping and many other opportunities for recreation. However, if you are interested in purchasing a ranch in the Casper area, having fun may not be the only thing on your mind. You might want to learn about Wyoming’s dedication to wind energy and transportation, including the possibility of generating income from this state resource. 

What to do in Casper, WY

Casper, Wyoming tourism is bigger than the sky that stretches across the state. You can immerse yourself in Native American, pioneer, and cowboy history at The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, or, The College National Finals Rodeo has competitions like:

  • goat tying
  • team roping
  • horse riding
  • bareback riding
  • tie down roping
  • steer wrestling
  • breakaway roping
  • barrel racing
  • bull riding

Enjoy festivals like the Bear Trap Summer festival where lyric poetry, fiddles and banjos come together. In July, the Casper Balloon Roundup will leave you in awe as dozens of hot air balloons rise into the sky. Casper museums are full of art, science, tributes to veterans, and an exploration of dinosaur and geologic features in Wyoming. Shopping includes big name chains, antiques and boutiques. Plus, you can choose from over 100 places to dine in style. 

Recreational opportunities in Casper, Wyoming include all variety of sports, including:

  • fishing (both fly and ice)
  • hiking
  • hunting
  • skiing (cross country and downhill)
  • bowling
  • hockey
  • swimming
  • golf 

Wind Energy and Ranch Ownership

Natural land formations in Wyoming aid in the generation of wind energy. Citizens have the opportunity to generate additional profit for themselves by helping to generate and transport this energy. The potential to earn extra income in wind power production and transmission has led to the formation of "wind associations," groups of Wyoming landowners involved in generating wind power who negotiate jointly for the level of compensation they will receive.

Thanks to local tourism, you do not have to be bored if you decide to purchase a ranch in the Casper area. Aside from enjoying the recreation opportunities, however, there are ample opportunities available to generate extra income on your ranch by participating in the production or transportation of wind energy.