Fun Facts About Wyoming

DSC9444_WildHorseMane.jpgWhen you think of Wyoming, thoughts of beautiful Teton Mountains, rolling pristine prairies, and world famous Yellowstone National Park may come to mind. While the state’s seemingly untouched natural beauty is certainly one of its best bragging rights, there’s a lot more to state 44 than meets the eye. Here are three fun facts about Wyoming you may not have heard before

Birthplace of the Dude Ranch

The very first Dude Ranch in the United States came from Wyoming. The Eaton Family opened the ranch just outside of Sheridan, WY. It was the Eatons who coined the term “dude.” This is because visitors to the ranch had to travel long distances and stayed for extended periods of time. They began charging for room and board so folks could “stay as long as they like.” Wyoming is still one of the country’s leading ranching states today.

The Equality State

Nicknamed the Equality State, Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote in the year 1869.

The Bucking Bronco

Fun facts about Wyoming aren’t complete without mentioning Old Steamboat. An infamous bucking bronco and legendary rodeo horse, Old Steamboat was said to be the “horse that couldn’t be ridden.” The image of Old Steamboat is still featured on Wyoming’s license plates today, with much debate about who is featuring riding him.

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