All You Need To Know About Industries In New Mexico


Although New Mexico may often be thought of as a state that draws flocks of nature-lovers, art aficionados, or spiritual tourists to cities like Taos, Carlsbad, Santa Fe and Roswell, New Mexico also supports a variety of industries. Industries in New Mexico are diverse and make the state not just an appealing place to travel or live, but also a sound location to run a business. The Brooks Companies offers beautiful New Mexico ranch land as a great place to start your new business.

Strong Industries in New Mexico

Strong industries in New Mexico include agriculture, energy, mining, manufacturing, and military. Historically, cattle ranching and farming have been reliable sources of income; crops include pecans, dry beans, quinoa, chile peppers, potatoes, and hay. Mining is also an established industry in New Mexico, as evidenced by the turquoise and silver jewelry the state has long been known for; however, New Mexico also leads most states in uranium and potassium salt output. New Mexico also has many natural resources that are far from being exhausted: two basins that contain large natural gas and petroleum deposits, one of the largest known uranium ore reserves in the country, and coal reserves that have been mined for more than a century. Military bases and government research facilities like Los Alamos National Laboratory also bring revenue and jobs into the state. Finally, manufacturing, retirement, and tourism all remain strong industries.

For someone who is looking for a place to move or to run a business, New Mexico is a state that shouldn’t be overlooked. The diverse industries in New Mexico help drive the state's economy and provide plenty of room for growth of both new and established businesses. To learn more about buying your own ranch land near Socorro, New Mexico, contact the Brooks Companies now. Your new life is waiting for you in beautiful New Mexico!