Several Interesting Facts About Wyoming


There are a lot of interesting facts about Wyoming that many people are surprised to learn. Sometimes this state doesn't garner as much attention as others, which would make sense given the low population. However, whatever this state lacks in population (which some prefer), it more than makes up for in beauty. If you think you know everything about Wyoming, keep reading.

Facts to Know

There are so many interesting facts about Wyoming it would be difficult to cover them all, so here is a sampling of just some of them:

  • In 1906, Devil's Tower became the first declared national monument.

  • Yellowstone became the first official national park in 1872.

  • In 1890, Wyoming became the first state that allowed women to vote.

  • The mother store for J.C. Penney is located in Kemmerer.

  • While Wyoming might be inland, it is home to 32 named islands.

  • The city of Cody is named after Buffalo Bill, also known as William Cody.

Plan a Visit

If you want to see some of these cities and attractions for yourself, start planning a visit to Wyoming today. Not only are there a lot of interesting facts about Wyoming that you have yet to discover, but there are plenty of fun things to do once you're there. Don't wait any longer to set up a vacation that you will always remember, or call The Brooks Companies at 877-468-9802 for more details about owning land in Wyoming. The Brooks Companies has ranch land available in several different locations, so you are sure to find the right parcel of land to suit your needs.