Moving to Laramie: What to Expect


Laramie, Wyoming is a great place to visit. It's rich in natural beauty, and history, and it's perfect for those who love the outdoors. No matter when you visit, Laramie tourism is vibrant with activities that range from spring hunting and fishing to winter snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding.

Travel Back In Time To Historic Laramie

If you’re a history buff, Laramie has a lot to offer. The area features numerous historical areas and museums that have captured the life and times of past residents. For a sneak peek into Laramie’s history, you can view The Historical Living Project online, which chronicles Laramie from its beginnings and tours some of the historic homes that capture the areas vibrant architecture.

Laramie tourism is thriving and the area’s history plays a big role in keeping tourists and history buffs coming to the area. Tours such as the “Legends of Laramie Tour” take visitors to 15 of the area's locations where they can experience what the pioneers, outlaws and vigilantes did. Some sites visited during the tour include: the location of Bucket of Blood Shootout, 2nd Street Brothels, Territorial Prison and the Overland Trail.

An Adventure Lovers Dream

Outdoor lovers, adrenaline junkies, Laramie is just the place for you. No matter what time of year you visit, there is no end to the excitement you will experience.

Vedauwoo, a popular rock formation located just twenty miles from Laramie is a natural wonder. The area was considered sacred and young Arapaho men would travel to the region to gather food and medicine, as well as hunt and fish. Today it is a rock climber’s paradise, with picnic areas, mountain biking trails, camping, fishing and cross country skiing. Some say the majestic rock formations take on their own personalities and many have seen lizards, faces and other wondrous visions in their façades.

Ranch Life At Its Finest

Many that come to enjoy Laramie tourism, later make the area their home. Life is simple and residents get to be more in touch with nature.
If you’ve visited as a tourist and now want to make Laramie your home, you may want to visit Wild Horse Ranch near Lake Hattie and Medicine Bow National Forest. The area offers rolling hills, picturesque scenery and numerous species of wildlife.

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