Some Natural Resources in Wyoming


Wyoming has a number of natural resources that help drive the economy and improve the lives of residents. Coal is probably the most well-known, but the state has other important resources as well. The following is more information on the natural resources in Wyoming brought to you by the trusted land development experts at The Brooks Companies.

Natural Gas

Wyoming produces a vast quantity of natural gas. In fact, the state is believed to have enough natural gas reserves to power the United States for one full year, according to Fortune Magazine. The majority of natural gas is found above oil deposits. Wyoming’s natural gas is located in sandstone and coal cavities well below the surface of the Earth.


Wind is another of the natural resources in Wyoming. The topography of Wyoming is ideally suited for the production of wind power. The state’s large amount of government owned land and low population are other factors that contribute to the potential of wind power development in Wyoming. The Foote Creek Rim wind farm, completed in 1999, has an average annual output that is much greater than the average wind farm.


Grasslands are an important part of the ecosystem of the United States. Grasslands support numerous species of wildlife. Many of the country’s grasslands are being developed or polluted, however Wyoming on the other hand, is very rural and has the lowest population of any state, which helps to contribute to the preservation of grasslands in Wyoming.

Natural gas, wind, and grasslands are just some of the natural resources in Wyoming. Call 877-468-9802 today for more details about the abundant natural resources you can enjoy when you buy ranch land in Wyoming.