Wyoming Leads the Way in Wind Power Generation

Perhaps you have considered Wyoming's beautiful, wide-open spaces for hunting, horseback riding and setting up a retirement home; however, have you ever thought of purchasing some land as an investment? With spacious, high-altitude prairies, broad ridges and miles and miles of unpopulated land, this state is home to a powerful natural resource: wind, which is one of the greatest, most abundant natural resources of Wyoming.

The wind generation industry is drawn to Wyoming because of its vast stretches of vacant, open land, low population density and powerful winds. In fact, Wyoming ranks first in the nation for having impressive class 6 and 7 winds, which are the highest ratings for wind speed and power production, and are ideal for wind generation.

Wind Power: One of Many Natural Resources of Wyoming

With the development of turbine technology and better transmission facilities, Wyoming is experiencing phenomenal growth in terms of its wind generation. In 2003 it produced 370,000 megawatt-hours. By 2008 its wind production had almost tripled to 960,000 MWh, and by 2013 it was generating 4,420,000 MWh. This is almost 12 times what it was producing in 2003! Of the wind-power states, Wyoming has the highest per capita wind power capacity at 2.42 kilowatts per person. Clearly, this state has stepped to the fore as one of the major producers of wind energy.

Upcoming Projects

Wind power plants are springing up all over the state with more planned for the future. The Power Company of Wyoming plans to build the largest commercial wind power plant in North America with the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project. This project is set to build 1,000 turbines that are predicted to produce 3,000 MW of electricity. Another project is the White Mountain Wind Energy Project that is expected to erect 240 turbines on White Mountain to produce 360 MW. Many more projects are in the works.

Invest Before It's Too Late!

Wyoming's future is pointing to wind generation and clean energy, and you can be a part of it. Take advantage of the available land and the wind that blows freely upon it, and invest in these two extremely important natural resources of Wyoming.

Can you imagine owning land that is part of a wind generation farm? Do you see yourself investing in clean energy? With Wyoming ranch land, you can do just that. Call Brooks Companies to speak with a specialist and begin your investment today.