Property in Wyoming for Sale: A Taxpayer’s Dream


When considering a large land purchase, location is important not only for your individual needs and preferences, but also for financial reasons. As residents of the least-populated state in the country, property in Wyoming for sale owners enjoy several great tax benefits.

No Real Estate Tax

Without a tax on your purchase, you can direct your savings towards improvements or your down payment.

No Income Tax

Wyoming is one of the few states with no corporate or personal income tax. As a resident or local business owner, this gives you more disposable income, and thus, a better standard of living.

Low Property Tax

High property tax can eat away at your investment. Like many states, property in Wyoming for sale is taxed according to assessed value. However, it is based on a fractional assessment; only 9.5% of any residential or commercial property is subject to taxation. Further benefits are available to war veterans, seniors, and disabled citizens.

No Excise Tax

While living in Wyoming, you do not pay a state tax on gas or groceries.

No Tax on Retirement Income

As a retiree, you may have your eye on a secluded ranch getaway. The cowboy state has your interests in mind, for it does not impose a tax on out-of-state retirement income.

No Gift Tax

Perhaps you plan to purchase land for posterity reasons. When you pass it on to your children, the state doesn’t make a dime.

Wyoming offers one of the friendliest markets for investors and property owners. If you are looking for land that comes with stunning natural scenery and great perks, get in touch with a Wyoming property realtor for great listings in true cowboy country. Call 877-468-9802 today for more details about the expansive property in Wyoming for sale at affordable prices when you work with The Brooks Companies.