Rolling Hills, Wide Open Vistas and a Vibrant City Culture?


Welcome to Remington Ranch!

Remington Ranch is a picturesque throwback to a more cultured time, when bison roamed the foothills, and the tree-line dominated the horizon. As a perfect recreation of the kinds of property that existed at the frontier, it’s the kind of property that works best for people interested in preservation and having something to pass on to their children for generations to come.

Inspiring Scenery

Remington Ranch offers you a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, and reconnect with nature. Beyond these somewhat spiritual reasons, there’s the more immediately practical benefit of real estate investment, which is generally one of the most secure investment vehicles around. What other investment affords you enjoyment, without depreciating in value as a result of this enjoyment? Land isn’t a car you can crash, or a mutual fund that demands an assortment of maintenance and compensatory fees. Remington Ranch is a parcel of the planet, and it’s situated on virgin land in the tax-friendly state of Wyoming.

Countless Uses for Remington Ranch

Remington Ranch is the kind of property that is best maintained by family, where cattle and horses can be raised and pristine gardens kept. Because land, of course, becomes scarcer as time wears on, the intrinsic value can grow interminably. It’s also given to subdivisions in the future, as befits the needs of your children and yourself in the golden years. As the value grows, you can continue to add to both the present and the future through acts such as farming – it isn’t unheard of to even train horses for paid public rides – raising livestock, or anything else you can think to do on your property. Wyoming is the Cowboy state, after all, and the pride of ownership is more than just a vanity.

Security for the Future

A ranch, in general, makes for an excellent vacation home because of the expanse of land and quietude for relaxation. During the times when you’re off in the city in your primary residence, you can turn it into an income stream by leasing it to visitors, or preserving it as an intended gift to your own kids. The pride and sense of ownership that derives from such a gift is hard to quantify – indeed; it is priceless. It isn't hard to see why Remington Ranch, situated as it is in a varied and lovely countryside, is a place where countless others have already secured their parcels of land on which to build a future.