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A Selection of Pristine Western Ranches for Sale

There’s nothing like private ownership when it comes to property.  This is why the western ranches for sale in Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona are being picked up quickly by both young investors and retired buyers. The ability to build your own ranch on surveyed land is as attractive as ever, now that real estate is back en vogue since the housing crisis has been resolved.

A New Frontier from the Old Country

The land harkens back to the first days of the settlers, when cattle roamed the plains and the home, farm or ranch you built formed the boundary between you and the endless country ahead. Warm scenery, untouched by industrialization, is the norm here, with majestic mountains serving as the backdrop to the New Mexico desert, the clear Wyoming skies, or the arid plains of Arizona.

A Selection of the Properties Available

For example, New Mexico’s Highland Spring Ranch  lays just a couple of dozen miles off the Rio Grande. The climate is known to be extremely favorable throughout the year because of the temperate zone in the region, and you’ll have views that have to be seen to be believed. The Magdalena Mountains stand guard over the entire valley, making Highland Springs a tucked-away little scenic village.

Arizona has its own enviable selection of ranchlandsSpring Flower is one of the most notable. It provides you with the full scope of the country experience, while big city services are less than a ten minute drive away in Williams, Arizona. The Kaibab National forest borders Coconino County on one side, and Bill Williams Mountain scales up on another. You can’t even tell there’s a city nearby until you get on the main road and are almost upon it.

Country Life as Provided by the Brooks Companies

For nearly 50 years, The Brooks Companies have been serving up the best western ranches for sale to valued prospective investors and builders. There’s property to be had in New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming. To learn more about securing your piece of the American Dream, contact The Brooks Companies representatives today.