Wyoming Ranches Are as Lucrative as They Are Nostalgic

Wyoming is one of the last places in America to purchase pristine land. If you are looking into Wyoming ranches, consider the state’s eastern towns, for they boast some of the most beautiful, affordable, and lucrative land in the country. Your next business opportunity awaits.

Crop Farming

Wyoming has over 30 million acres of dedicated farmland and hosts some of America’s largest agricultural enterprises. Its seasonal climate accommodates large-scale productions of hay, wheat, beans, corn and barley.

Cattle Ranching

The cowboy state saw its first cattle drive in 1866 when 1000 Longhorns were sent from Texas to Montana. The Wyoming Stock Growers Association was created shortly after to help organize the industry that exists today. Beef production is now the state’s largest commodity.

Sporting Estate Management

America’s ninth largest, yet least-populated, state is full of incredible wildlife and stunning natural beauty. Nearly half of Wyoming’s total land is owned by the US government. Simply put, nature exists here. This presents a unique opportunity for Scottish-style sporting estates. Thousands of hunters and fisherman travel to Wyoming to take advantage of nature’s bounty, many of whom are willing to pay for an intimate resort experience offering lodging, cleaning, and a designated game-rich territory on which to hunt.

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