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The Beauty of Pine Ridge Ranch


One of the things that has driven people to explore the Midwest has been the ability to invest in land for both home and ranch property interests. This dream was the catalyst of exploration 200 years ago and is still the primary reason why people come from the cities and suburbs to realize the American Dream.  Pine Ridge Ranch is one of a number of unique locations where land investment in an open, nearly untouched range is still possible.

Ties to History

Pine Ridge Ranch sits in Goshen County in the southeastern part of Wyoming. Long known as Big Sky country, Wyoming has a tremendous amount of outdoor living amenities to offer.  Land investment in Pine Ridge Ranch connects owners with history. This is the same region that was known for being the wagon trail path to Oregon. It was home to Fort Laramie, an initial trading headquarters and eventually a critical supply stop for those heading westward. The same land one sees today when considering parcels at Pine Ridge are the same lands families saw when starting their new lives generations ago.

Easy Accessibility

Investors setting down roots at Pine Ridge will find themselves within a 20 minute drive from Torrington, WY.  Torrington is the county center and the informal headquarters for the local  farming and ranching community for  multiple generations. The region and land emanate big land America are a beautiful investment for those who want to re-connect with what land ownership and country are all about.

Pine Ridge Ranch parcels are ideal for those who want to feel the outdoors every day, from recreation to farming to living. Nature is literally in one's own backyard in this region during every season of the year. So if you're considering a move from the city and desire to get to a location with big open country, this may very well be the location you're looking for.

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