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Highlands Spring Ranch

If you are interested in Wyoming ranches, then Highlands Spring Ranch might be for you. This beautiful ranch sits at the base of the Magdalena Mountains. It is filled with beautiful views and a mild climate throughout the year. Ted Turner, America’s largest landowner, owns this ranch land in addition to the Armendaris Ranch. This land was from the Pedro Armendaris Land Grant that was deeded in 1819 by Spain’s King. You can access the ranch via Interstate 25. This road runs throughout central New Mexico, along the Rio Grande River.

Land For Sale

Specific portions of Highlands Spring Ranch are available for sale. The price per acre ranges from about $500 to $1200 depending on the area of the ranch you are interested in purchasing. There is a map where you can view available slots. You can also visit the ranch to determine what spot of land might be worth your investment. Currently, there are still several parcels of land available for sale in this beautiful area.


If you are interested in buying land on the ranch, then there are financing options available. A lot of times, you do not have go through a qualification process to purchase the land. With a small down payment, you could become a landowner quickly. You could also qualify for a low monthly payment.


When you do purchase land in this area, you will find a lot of amenities. The location is ideal for people who love the outdoors. Fishing, boating, and camping are available at the Elephant Butte Lake. This lake is 40 minutes from the ranch. There are also national parks nearby and a wildlife refuge. In addition, the ranch is close to skiing resorts, the exciting town of Albuquerque, and the University of New Mexico.

Purchasing land is a great investment, and you will fall in love with Highlands Springs. Don’t miss out on the low prices available for some off the most beautiful land in the country. Call 877-468-9802 today to learn more about Highlands Spring Ranch.