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 A Short History of New Mexico Ranching

From the earliest native people of New Mexico, to the first American settlers and even the ranch owners of today, ranching and New Mexico have gone hand in hand.

New Mexico and Ranching from the Beginning

Beginning with the Mogollon people approximately 2,500 years ago, the land of New Mexico has been ripe for sustaining agriculture such as squash, corn and beans. As time passed, Native Americans, Spanish explorers and American settlers took advantage of the land’s bounty as well, learning from the people that came before them and adding their own knowledge and tastes. The earliest sheep of the region were reported in 1540, with cattle joining in the early 1600s. All of the people passing through the land impacted and shaped what would become the rich history of New Mexico’s agriculture today.

Today, Native Americans continue to add to the culture of growing, as many reservations around New Mexico continue to produce food and resources from the bounty of their land.

Historic New Mexico Ranches

Between the raising of sheep, cattle, corn, beans, and squash, historic New Mexico ranches are a backbone of the history of the state. The Homestead Act in 1862 solidified New Mexico as a place where ambitious Americans could be lured to start their own ranches on the vast land available at the American West. Even more exciting, the development of the railroad made the transportation of goods from ranches to markets easier.

Ranching Today

Today, buying property in New Mexico offers the pride of land ownership, access to some of the most beautiful landscape in the American West and your own part in the history of New Mexico Ranches. Not only does utilizing the land for orchards, gardening, ranching and raising livestock give you the opportunity to earn some supplemental income, there is also the pride and pleasure that comes from being able to provide for your own family with homestead raised produce and livestock.

New Mexico Ranches are as entrenched in the history of the state as the stunning vistas and lush national forests. Neither ranching nor the purchasing of quality of land is going out of style anytime soon. With your own New Mexico Ranch, you too can join a long tradition of production, sustainability and state pride.