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Horse Ranch in Wyoming: How to Take Care of Horses


Have you ever wanted to own your own horse ranch in Wyoming? Horses are large and strong animals that require regular attention.  They are also social animals that need to interact with people and stay active to avoid boredom. While the benefits are worth the effort, a ranch takes a lot of work, forethought and commitment.  Here are several tips that will come in handy when caring for horses:

Horse habitat

Horses need shelter to protect them from the elements. This can be in the form of a barn, simple shade cover, or horse stall. If the shelter is small, you need to let your horses out daily so that they can exercise. Your compound also needs a fence to keep horses from wandering too far. Try to avoid barbed wire fences because animals can get caught in them and hurt themselves.

Check the grazing area for poisonous plants – this prevents your horse from ingesting them.

Horse feeding                 

Horses should have a fresh water supply as well as salt or mineral lick. They are grazing animals, which are used to eating all day; therefore, you need to keep them well fed. Hay or roughage is the main component of a horse’s diet. If your horses eat grass, they might not need hay as long as the grass is green. The type and amount of hay fed to horses depends on their size and the exercise they get.

To achieve a balanced diet, you should mix different types of hay. When feeding your horse grain such as alfalfa pellets, be sure to feed them according to their special dietary needs.

Horse grooming

Groom your horses frequently to keep their coats in good condition. Grooming gives you the chance to check for ticks, cuts, and other health problems.  This is also a good way to keep socialized with your horses. 

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