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How to Live off-Grid on a Ranch


Going "off the grid" simply means maintaining a lifestyle free from the system that delivers utilities to the masses. There's nothing quite like living off the land on your ranch, away from the constraints of society. There are several ways to achieve this goal. The following are among the most valuable tips for how to live off-grid:  

Water and Sewer

There are two main ways to collect water. A private well can be dug by drilling a hole deep into the ground and installing a pump. Of course, this requires there to be water flowing underground. The second means is through what is known as a cistern. This is a large tank made of concrete, steel or fiberglass that collects rainwater. Some people even use large plastic barrels.  

Waste water from showers and toilets can be used to irrigate a garden. The main way to get off the grid's sewer line is to install a septic tank. There are various types of tanks that can be installed depending on the ranch land or other geography.

Solar and Wind 

There are two main ways to conduct your own energy: the sun or the wind. The most common means of collecting energy is through solar panels. These are usually installed on the roof of the home, but they can also be installed in the backyard. The sun's light heats up small silicon semiconductors, which create an electrical charge.

Another way to create energy is through the power of the wind. A wind turbine is basically a propeller that sits atop a 50-120 foot tower. When the blades spin fast enough, it powers a generator that can than be used for electricity in your home.

Gardening and Farming

When learning how to live off the grid, growing and raising your own food is essential (especially in extremely rural areas). Start composting all waste so you can use it to enrich the soil in your garden. Till and plant according to the season. Harvest and learn how to can and preserve foods.

If you are a beginner, you can start small with chickens. Building a coop is a simple task and will reward you with eggs and fresh meat.

Learning how to live off-grid can be a daunting task, but a rewarding lifestyle in the long run. With due diligence, you can save money while gaining peace of mind.