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Invest Your Future in Prime Western Ranch Land

The Brooks Companies offer rural property for sale in some of the most beautiful western locations in the entire U.S. Parcels are available from each of the sprawling ranches listed below, and can be utilized to build your own personal ranch, as a retirement haven, or even as your dream vacation destination, when you want to get away from it all.  Generous financing options make it easy for you to move right in and be captivated by the  magnificent scenery of the Great American West.

The Brooks Companies ranches

  • Wild Horse Ranch - near Laramie, Wyoming, this ranch lies in an area teeming with big game and other wildlife.
  • Stagecoach Trails - located near Yucca, Arizona, offers breath-taking mountain views on 40-acre ranch parcels.
  • Spring Flower Ranch - is located near Williams, Arizona, close to Kaibab National Forest, available in lots of 2.5+ acres.
  • Remington Ranch - near Cheyenne, Wyoming, and is prime real estate for ranching, retiring, or even for vacationing.
  • Pine Ridge Ranch - is within six miles of Fort Laramie, near the North Platte River.
  • Highland Springs Ranch - located near Socorro, New Mexico, this ranch land rests at the base of the Magdalena Mountains.
  • Diamond B Ranch - is situated near Cheyenne, Wyoming, and is a two-hour drive north of Denver.
  • BB Brooks Ranch - this ranch land is near Casper, Wyoming, and is available in 40-acre parcels.

History of The Brooks Companies

Beginning in 1969, the Brooks commitment to excellence began in developing and offering rural property for sale. Today the group constitutes a major presence in the West, consisting of several companies in various locations, The Brooks Companies are proud to have helped thousands of Americans realize their dream of owning western property. Having already sold more than one million acres of prime western real estate, The Brooks Companies work with clients to establish strategies for ownership and realizing profit from the best properties in the entire western half of this country.

Financing Options

With banks and other traditional lenders having ever tighter restrictions on loans, the owner-financing available for all Brooks parcels is an offer which simply cannot be surpassed. You can expect to pay 10% of the purchase price for your acreage as a down payment. After which, monthly payments will be in the neighborhood of less than 1% of the purchase price. For instance, a 20-acre parcel at Highland Springs would sell for $21,900, with $2,190 down, and around $200 monthly.

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