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 Looking To Retire To Laramie?

Are you looking to retire? Perhaps you have your heart set on a vacation home? Consider, then, purchasing Laramie Wyoming real estate for your retirement adventure. The Wild Horse Ranch and newer Pine Ridge Ranch are for you. Gorgeous vistas and rolling hills beckon you. Stand in awe of the wide open spaces in all their natural beauty. Come and relax and feel your troubles drift away in lovely Laramie.

Perfect Location

Laramie is located in southeastern Wyoming.This region has been called the “Gateway to the West" and is soon to be called the "Gateway to Your Piece of Heaven." Laramie is six miles from Pine Ridge Ranch and 15 miles from Wild Horse Ranch.

Plenty To Do

Spend the day fishing in the waters of nearby Lake Hattie. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Medicine Bow National Forest. Roam Sheep Mountain, with its aromatic pines and steep crags. It is in the vicinity and boasts an abundance of antelope, deer and elk for the avid hunter. Or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful quiet of your ranch.

Rolling Hills And Matchless Wonder Just For You

Where else can you find softly rolling hills, prairie grass that gently touches your hip as you walk through it and majestic mountains in the background? The lands surrounding Laramie are beautifully picturesque and gloriously open. Imagine riding your horse as far as you desire and seeing wide open plains. Or gather a group and go hunting for deer and elk in the Sheep Mountain foothills.

Various Size Parcels Available

Choose a parcel in the size you want. Do you want a homestead? Do you envision owning enough land to walk for miles and not run into another soul? Do you see yourself riding your horse free and unhindered? The Brooks Companies offer many parcels, ranging in size from 35.5 acres to 62 acres.

Many Financial Opportunities

The Brooks Companies specializes in Laramie Wyoming real estate and offer many financial opportunities to invest in land in this region. With rates as low as 7.9 percent and guaranteed financing with no qualifying requirement, don't allow this opportunity to pass you by. Down payments are as low as 10%. And, you can lower your interest rate by paying more money upfront or choosing a financing option with shorter terms. Contact Brooks Companies for the opportunity to own a piece of this beautiful and free land.