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ViaDeVenturaArea8_DSC7492.jpgLiving in Arizona: What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about moving to Arizona? Here are some facts about living in Arizona that you need to know:

It's Not Always Hot In Arizona

When you think of Arizona do you picture hot, sunny days in the middle of the desert all year long? Then think again. Arizona weather is a diverse mixture of climates. From the Sonoran desert to the high forests and everything in between.
While the summers in Central and Southern Arizona can reach extremely high temperatures, there are many parts of the state that are cool and mild during the summer months. 

Yes, it does snow in the winter. Some of the best skiing happens in Arizona. Enjoy a day of skiing the slopes in Northern Arizona's Snowbowl  (located near the gorgeous town of Flagstaff) or Snowboard down Mt. Lemmon in Southern Arizona, near Tucson.  Depending on the year, the resorts have been known to stay open through the Spring. 


The Grand Canyon is a sight to behold

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is a must-see attraction which is located near Williams, Arizona. If you can have all 277 miles of this beauty in your backyard, that would be very special.

It has the perfect golfing climate

Why do you think there are so many snowbirds in Arizona? It is because of the weather. Many people who reside in this area are golfers because it has the perfect weather for the sport. Arizona is a world-renowned golfing destination thanks to the more than 322 golf courses scattered across it.

There is Always Something to Do

History, culture, entertainment, restaurants, and playing outdoors. No matter what you enjoy doing, you will find it in Arizona. Enjoy hiking, skiing (both snow and water),  visiting the historic sites throughout the state, tasting a wide variety of food, and enjoying music festivals, yearly events, and more. 

This is just a sampling of the wonderful things Arizona has to offer. To learn more about Arizona and owning your own piece of Arizona, Visit Brooks Ranchland .