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shutterstock_464487851.jpgLiving Life in Laramie

Living near Laramie means that you get to enjoy the quiet comfort of the countryside with the full knowledge that the bright lights of the big city are just a few hours down I-80. Nestled between Medicine Bow National Forest and Cheyenne, it's an ideal place to settle down and enjoy your retirement. If you are looking for a place that is peaceful and quiet, yet has all the comforts of home, then Laramie is one of the best bets in Wyoming.

Laramie's not too big, it's not too fact, it's just right

Laramie has 31,000 residents, which makes it about half the size of Cheyenne, and less than one-quarter the size of Ft. Collins, Colorado. Both of these cities are less than a few hours drive from town. Laramie's smaller size helps it retain its small town charm. It is a city where you will get to know your neighbors who will be eager to welcome you into the community and show you around. The friendly people and relaxed quality of life are just some of the reasons that Laramie boasts of having some of the most hospitable Wyoming real estate

Laramie is an Educated City

Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming, therefore it's not surprising that 55% of Laramie's residents have a Bachelors degree, and close to 26% have a Masters or other professional certificate. If you're looking for good conversation down at the local coffee shop, you will find plenty of people who are eager to discuss current events, economics, business, or politics.    

Moreover, Laramie's residents like to work and know how to work hard. The city's unemployment rate is just 2.5%, as compared to the national average of 6.3%. The "no nonsense" "get r' done" attitude of the old west dominates the city and you will find high-quality services in every sector of the economy. 

Laramie is a Great Value

Listing prices in and around Laramie are climbing. In 2014, the average listing price was $214,000. That average listing price has risen to more than $238,000 today. Moreover, sellers are getting the prices they are asking for. If you are looking to make an investment in Wyoming real estate, Brooks Ranchland can help you put down the roots that can help your portfolio prosper.