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 The Beauty of Living in Wyoming


If you want live in an idyllic landscape, living on a ranch in Wyoming can help you do just that. Situated amongst acres of unspoiled land, you can use your new land for recreation, a second income source or for investment purposes. Living in Wyoming can help you achieve personal and financial goals.

The Locales

Wyoming has the ideal combination of homey cities and serene ranches. With five locations to choose from, you are sure to find land in an area right for you.

The Wild Horse Ranch is a 15-minute drive from Laramie. Travel into town when you are ready to mingle and retreat to your home when you crave solitude. The close proximity to Medicine Bow National Forest makes this land terrific for observing wildlife in its natural habitat.

With expansive 40-acre plots, the B.B. Brooks Ranch is ideal for buyers seeking an opportunity for extra income. These immense parcels are perfect for raising livestock. If passive income is your preference, living in Wyoming lets you sublet a portion of your land to earn steady cash.

Situated amongst a gorgeous backdrop of rocky hills, Diamond B Ranch is less than 30 minutes from Cheyenne. If you love outdoor activities, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and hiking are all nearby.

The serenity of the Remington Ranch makes it a superb location for a retirement or vacation home. This ranch is 19 miles from Cheyenne, putting your new home in close proximity to the Cheyenne airport. Living in Wyoming lets you escape the stresses of the outside world.

Pine Ridge Ranch is brimming with history. It is positioned in southeastern Wyoming along the path that pioneers used to travel, known as the Oregon Trail. Other nearby historical sites, such as the Fort Laramie military post, give this area unsurpassed character. The town of Fort Laramie is a convenient 6 miles away.

Financing Your Ranch

You can take the first steps to land ownership by obtaining financing. The Brooks Companies offers land financing with an attractive interest rate and low down payment. You only need 10 percent of the purchase price to secure your loan.

Regardless of your ambitions, there is a ranch ideal for your aspirations. Living in Wyoming can help you start a second income stream or provide you with a peaceful haven to escape life's pressures. Take action today to create the life that you have always wanted.