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 The Nuances of Maintaining a Ranch 

Maintaining a ranch can be rewarding in many ways. Living and working on your own land and being able to enjoy nature is a dream. As much as you have to gain from owning a ranch, you need hard work and knowledge to be effective and successful.

Finances and Records

One of the most important aspects of running a successful ranch is keeping up with your finances and records. Financial stability is essential to being able to keep the ranch open, and part of that is maintaining your records. Some of the records you need to maintain include:

  • Titles
  • Deeds
  • Employee information
  • Livestock information
  • Machinery
  • Supplies
  • Repairs
  • Problems

There are many different software and programs available to make keeping track of everything easy. Keeping records of everything helps you gauge your profitability of maintaining ranch.


If your ranch is going to be used traditionally for raising livestock, proper care and maintenance is necessary. You have to know how to care for the animals and be aware of other animals that pose a threat to your livestock. Livestock need ample space, food/grazing pastures, nutrition and healthcare to preserve their worth.

In raising livestock, you need to know how to feed them and preserve your stores and land. You have to prepare for every aspect having livestock, which includes:

  • Breeding
  • Weaning
  • Culling
  • Branding
  • Processing
  • Death
  • Selling
  • Finishing

Grounds, Equipment and Buildings

Whether you decide to raise livestock or maintain a recreational ranch, you have to take care of the landscape. With a resort ranch, visitors will expect to be wowed by the natural beauty but still want a kept look.

It is important to also maintain your equipment and any buildings. These are part of your livelihood, and poor maintenance can mean disaster and incur extra costs.

Land Topology

Maintaining a ranch extends to every part, including the topology of the land. This is especially true when raising livestock. Overgrazing is a serious issue, and it's important to be a good steward of the land. This includes paying attention to and caring for the soil, topography and vegetation of the land.

The success or failure of your ranch is based upon your dedication to maintaining a ranch. With proper knowledge and investment, you can add rancher to your accomplishments. When you’re ready to take that step, The Brooks Companies have many ranch developments available.