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 Make Your Next Investment In New Mexico

Just over a year ago, real estate investor Bobby Patton paid $10.9 million to take the 174,000-acre York Ranch in New Mexico. A few months later, a second investor, Donald Horton, founder of D. R. Horton outbid Patton for the nearby 292,779-acre Great Western Ranch for $59 million.

Even if you’re not a billionaire capable of spending so much money on a ranch, you immediately get the feeling that there is something special about owning a ranch in New Mexico.

Now Is The Time To Buy

The Wall Street Journal outlines several reasons why the scramble for ranches in New Mexico is becoming intense by the day. In recent years, drought accompanied by a tough recession dampened the demand for ranch land in the state. Owing to the unrelenting drought, ranchers were forced to sell off their herds. Now, as the drought eases and cattle prices begin to rise, there are plenty of New Mexico ranches for sale once again!

Here are 3 reasons why you should join the queue and make your purchase now -

  1. It's a buyer’s market - Now is the time when you’ll find the best deals and biggest incentives to purchase a premium parcel of land.
  2. Take advantage of New Mexico’s low cost of living - New Mexico is known for having a low cost of living with low taxes and a high quality of life. Homes in the rural areas guarantee minimal pollution, low traffic and abundant wildlife.
  3. You can use your ranch for just about any activity - Build your home there or start your own cattle ranch. Many people keep horses and other livestock on their ranches too. You can even convert a larger ranch property into your very own wild-life hunting ground!


New Mexico is the perfect place to invest in a piece of property where you can build your dream home and do so many other things. Moreover, ranches are much easier to finance, with low monthly payments.

If you’re interested in investing in land and want to look at New Mexico ranches for sale, contact The Brooks Companies today!