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shutterstock_210955294.jpgOwning a Piece of the American West Has Never Been so Affordable!

For anyone who has ever dreamed of owning your very own parcel of land out in the American West, there has never been a better opportunity than there is right now. There is a magnificent amount of acreage for sale in Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico. From huge, sprawling ranches that include some of the most awe-inspiring and picturesque properties in each of those states and offered in lot sizes as small as 2.5 acres or as large as your imagination can wander. Every parcel can be used as your own dream vacation getaway, a relaxing retirement locale, or perhaps to build up your own ranch. 

About the properties

In the state of Wyoming, there are several giant ranches from which The Brooks Companies are offering acreage for sale. Pine Ridge Ranch is 115 miles northwest of the state capital in Cheyenne,; Remington Ranch is 20 miles east of Cheyenne; and the Diamond B Ranch is 24 miles northeast of the capital. The BB Brooks Ranch is situated near the historic town of Casper in Wyoming, and was established by a 19th century governor of the state. 

Highland Springs Ranch is 23 miles south of Socorro, New Mexico, located in the foothills of the scenic Magdalena Mountains; Spring Flower Ranch is just 8 miles from Williams, Arizona, close to the Kaibab National Forest; and the Stagecoach Trails Ranch is near Yucca, Arizona, not far from the California border. The Wild Horse Ranch is located 15 miles west of the city of Laramie, Wyoming, near the spectacular Medicine Bow National Forest.

Financing the properties

All ranch lots are made available through owner financing, which makes them the most affordable and easy to arrange real estate bargains anywhere. Most parcels will be sold with a down payment equal to approximately 10% of the purchase price, with monthly payments less than 1% of purchase. For example, a 40-acre parcel from Stagecoach Trails might sell for $40,000, with $4,000 down and monthly payments of $357.

The Brooks Companies

Since 1969, the several individual entities comprising The Brooks Companies have worked with real estate investors and private citizens to acquire the ranch land you've always dreamed of owning in the American West. The skilled specialists at Brooks can help you acquire exactly the kind of property you need for investment, recreation, or for residential enjoyment.