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 Pine Ridge Ranch, the "Gateway to the West"

There really is land at Pine Ridge Ranch, in the “Gateway to the West”, that you can own today. If you have ever dreamed of owning land where you can ranch, invest and live, if you have dreamed of living where cowboys and pioneers traveled, then Pine Ridge Ranch is perfect for you. Pine Ridge Ranch is located near Laramie, Wyoming, making it the perfect place for fishing, hunting and riding horses. Living there means living life as close to the American spirit as your ancestors did.

Imagine looking out your window at the Rocky Mountains, riding a trail or hiking right where the Oregon Trail led pioneers to their American dream. By investing in land at Pine Ridge Ranch, you could own a piece of this beautiful landscape for yourself and your family for generations to come. 

The “Gateway to the West”

Living near Laramie places Pine Ridge at the foot of the great Rocky Mountains and close to many recreational opportunities. Moreover, the close proximity of water, horses and picturesque views means land values will remain sustainable.

Recreation is in the backyard and neighboring areas.

Horse and farming communities abound that are rich in recreational and social opportunities for the whole family. Camping, hiking, horseback riding and horse shows are particularly plentiful in Goshen County, along with museums, historical landmarks and other special events. There is plenty of water and opportunities for fishing, boating and swimming.

Investment in Pine Ridge Ranch is unique

As, part of the Oregon Trail and “Gateway to the West”, Pine Ridge Ranch is rich in historic value. Whether you are looking to own land to retire, live on or invest in, the beauty and history of Pine Ridge Ranch makes it a unique opportunity for those interested in buying land. 

The opportunity to own land at Pine Ridge Ranch is available through The Brooks Company, land experts for over 40 years. Financing is made easy with The Brooks Company and their are numerous properties available at a variety of price ranges. Whether you are interested in ranching or retiring to the Southwest, there is a piece of land waiting for you. Make your own history on the historic land at the “Gateway to the West”. Go on, cowboy.