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 Seeking out Ranch Land for Sale in Wyoming


For many who are caught up in the daily rat race and grind, the dream of owning a ranch in the American West is one that conjures images of peace and quiet, wide-open expanses and the space to simply enjoy life without the headaches and manic pace. Wyoming is one of the truly great open lands in the country. Here you can find ranches that enjoy tremendous views, abundant wildlife and all the peaceful space you could imagine or want. Ranch land for sale in Wyoming does not mean having to break the bank, as it is a state that has modestly priced real estate along with very conservative taxes.

Ranches that have a proximity to the Tetons and mountains of Wyoming are found along the western side of the state. Here you can find ranches that take in the majesty of the Tetons while still maintaining the prairie and grasslands of the plains. Many second homes and investment ranches can be found along this corridor, with a strong emphasis placed in Albany County. This area has ranches available that give tremendous enjoyment for the owner. 

For those looking for more modestly priced second homes and ranches, the search should begin a little further into the central part of the state, such as around Dubois and the Star Valley. While still within driving proximity of the resort town of Jackson Hole, this area has much more affordable prices, all without sacrificing what it is that makes Wyoming great. Fantastic fly fishing, hunting, horse riding and trekking are all some of the highlights of ranches in this area. 

For those who want to be near a city and major airport, you can find ranch land in the area surrounding Wyoming's largest city of Cheyenne. The land is prairie and rolling, and the mountains are at a distance, but for sheer peace and privacy, this is the place to be.

Wyoming is a state that defies expectations. It is still a frontier in many ways. Come hang your hat in the Cowboy State and relax a while. Ranch land for sale in Wyoming is still alive and well in the old west.