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Ranch Land: How Big Is 40 Acres?

Isn't it time to shed the noisy hassles, bothers and doldrums of life in the city and buy that ranch you've always dreamed about owning? It's waiting for you in the heartland of America's great west. There is a wonderful world on that side of the Mississippi--an endless wilderness of see-sawing mountain ranges, rushing rivers and spectacular vistas found no where else on earth. Imagine checking your fence line from the back of a horse on a vast chunk of land once tread by ancient man who hunted buffalo, wild horses and pioneers racing to stake homestead claims. Timeless and enduring, it's all under a never-ending, cerulean blue sky you can almost touch.

Owning land is an American right and privilege. It is pride, security and a piece of mind--an investment for which your future generations will be grateful. Today it is still feasible to own large tracts of land, especially in Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona--three of the most beautiful states in the nation. Owning 40 acres or better in any one of these wonderlands is surprisingly simple and affordable. Your private piece of sweeping country views, astounding wildlife, and fresh, breathable air beckons. Only hesitation separates you from blissful, sunny days and a magnificent nightlife filled with incredible stars as you've never witnessed.


Land of the Rio Grande, the Grand Canyon State is an amazing landscape of diversity. From mountain forests to the famous Saguaros of the desert, Arizona is a land of wildlife and adventure. Find a fortune in gold, seek out turquoise or look for ancient petroglyphs. Limitless wonders await you.


Mountain ranges, expansive valleys, endless forests of pine and aspens, rivers, and lakes--there are not enough words to describe the amazing landscape of Wyoming. Beaver, elk, and big horn sheep are just a few examples of an abundant wildlife. The high country is calling.

New Mexico

Enigmatic and serene, New Mexico is home to caverns, canyons and breathtaking desert prairies. Daisies, blue bells and other wildflowers dot a countryside full of forgotten ruins and weather-carved rock buttresses where conquistadors explored in search of gold. You can own your own adventure in this mysterious land of magic.

In today's high-tech world, that pioneering spirit may seem like a thing of the past and no longer available. But that's really not true. Some of the most desirable real estate found under a big, azure sky is obtainable and for sale. Own a piece of the American west--some of the most beautiful country in the world. What are you waiting for?