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 More Than a Home, an Investment

Few things in life provide a sense of security and permanence as land ownership. In a very real way, owning land ties a person to the earth and represents that connection in a tangible manner that can be seen, smelled, and touched. When the time comes, all those same benefits can be passed on to the owner's children, to continue the connection. To some, urban property is appealing because of its commercial potential, but to many others the best way to truly connect to the earth is through ranch land

Practical Benefits of Land Ownership

Of course there are also practical benefits to owning ranch land, such as its value as an investment. Land prices seldom lose value unless something catastrophic befalls a particular area so, as an investment idea, land is a pretty solid bet. For someone who intends to work the land, there might be a great deal of value to be gained through farming, ranching, raising livestock, or even growing fruit orchards. Then too, much of the land available in the great western part of the country still has that undeveloped, inspiring natural wildness that makes it a beautiful place to settle down.

As the population centers in this country continue to swell, and free space grows smaller and smaller, the great open spaces of western ranch land become even more inviting. The serene lifestyle afforded by living in areas like Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arizona can be a very healthy way for a person to free themselves from the stress and anxiety of urban life. 

Land Value Trends

In recent years, the trend regarding land parcels in western locales has been an increase in property value, and therefore investment appeal. The value of many ranch properties has risen beyond the strictly agricultural value they may have once had, because so many potential owners these days are interested in features unrelated to agriculture. Additional features, like proximity to fishing, hunting, and other recreational opportunities, as well as a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors, are causing land prices to trend steadily upward, adding value for investors and local owners alike.