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Buying Ranches as a Second Home


Many people choose to live in the convenience of the city. Populated areas are where jobs are at, and where you have more choices when it comes to schools, shops, culture and more. However, there are times you may crave time a more rural setting—a summer or winter getaway that’s reflective of simpler times. If it’s something you’re serious about, you might want to consider ranches as a second home.

The concept of a second or vacation home is not new. Often, they are in warm places where you can escape cold winters. If you’re interested in a different style of second or vacation home, a ranch could be the perfect option for you. You can find ranches in areas that are ideal in summer or winter. In fact, many locations have a variety of recreation so you can enjoy your second home year-round.

The Ranch Lifestyle 

Ranches span many different lifestyles, but overall they tend to be more laid back, with wide open spaces, stunning scenery and an abundance of ways to connect with nature. Depending on your vision, you might have a ranch that requires work or something that is peaceful and serene. You can choose to invest in a working ranch, and you don’t have to live there full-time to maintain it. You are always able to hire someone to manage while you’re not there.

Another option is an equestrian ranch. Horse ranches can go in many different directions. You can utilize them as a dude/guest ranch, breeding ranch or pleasure/hobby ranch.

No matter how you decide to use your land, there are many benefits.

The Benefits of Owning Ranches as a Second Home

Whether it is your getaway from the buzz and nonstop pace of the city or is an investment, ranches have several benefits.

  • Land ownership is a secure investment
  • You can utilize livestock to generate income
  • Rent out land or structures to fund part of your second home
  • Have a place to relax and unwind throughout the year for weekend-, week- or month-long stays

Owning a ranch as a second home gives you the best of both worlds. You can thrive in the city and return to glorious nature and a more relaxed lifestyle whenever you want to.

If you’d like to find out more about investing in a ranch as a second home, contact The Brooks Companies.