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 Retiring in Cheyenne


Whether you’re recently retired and looking for your own little piece of Heaven on earth, or you’re simply looking to relocate to a place where wide open spaces, blue skies, and breathtaking views are the norm, consider investing in a ranch in Cheyenne. Here’s why: 

Own pristine land beneath a star-filled sky.

Generations of Americans have moved west to lay claim to the one asset that has permanence: land and the rights accruing to its ownership. Whether you like the thought of raising horses or cattle, growing crops, or the idea of having endless acres of land surrounding your home ~ with a ranch in Cheyenne, you control how you embrace and utilize your unique property. 

A sound (and smart) investment.

While there are many tax advantages to retiring in Cheyenne, you’ll want to consult a professional to ensure that you are getting the best tax benefits possible. If leaving a legacy for your family is important to you, investing in a ranch in Cheyenne is a decision that can be enjoyed by future generations of your family for years to come. Additionally, making your property a working ranch will enable you to reap financial benefits that you can’t experience from retiring on a traditional property or in a retirement community.

Elbow room without isolation.

By retiring in Cheyenne, you escape from the stressful and irritating congestion of densely-populated city areas, but you are never far from amenities and services that allow you to have the quality of life you deserve. From the annual Frontier Day (a vastly-popular rodeo and western celebration touted as the world’s largest) to enjoying the convenience of shopping, dining, and entertainment that Cheyenne offers, you still get to retreat to the seclusion and privacy of your own ranch at the end of the day. In addition, Cheyenne is at the intersection of two major interstates and has its own regional airport, so it’s easy for family and friends to come for a visit. 

Deep, abiding freedom.

Retiring in Cheyenne can give you the sense of freedom that you’ve always thought being an American should bring. Whether you make your ranch a year-round home or a seasonal family retreat is your choice. It's not "getting away from it all", it's truly having it all.