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Create Your Perfect Vacation Home In Wyoming


For so many years you’ve pursued the American dream. You've worked hard and saved. Now, your opportunity has arrived. Thanks to The Brooks Companies you can finally build that amazing vacation home on your own piece of Wyoming ranch land.

A Dream Come True

Can you imagine standing on the porch of your newly built vacation home watching a spectacular sunrise with a steaming mug of coffee in your hands? Can you smell the newly cut wood in your nose? Experience the pride of a dream come true, purchase your own beautiful piece of Wyoming real estate today.

The Splendor of Wyoming

Gorgeous Wyoming ranch land beckons with its untouched splendor and natural beauty. The land here is as glorious as it was centuries ago. No matter what direction you head, nature meets you with vast, rolling hills, long, waving grass and hazy, blue mountains in the distance.

Fun Activities Nearby

No matter where in Wyoming you choose to build your vacation home, you are never too far from land that invites exploration, animals in their native habitat and fun things to do. Take a trip to the Medicine Bow National Forest and spend a day walking or riding horses. Visit Lake Hattie and have a picnic with your family and friends. Go hunting for antelope, deer, elk and other game on Sheep Mountain.

And, if you ever desire a change of pace, there are plenty of wonderful towns and cities nearby. Visit Casper or Laramie for a little fun. Or, if you want to hang out in a larger city, head over to Cheyenne or Denver, Colorado.

Financing Options Abound

The perfect vacation home on a piece of Wyoming real estate is within your reach. The Brooks Companies want to help you make your dream an affordable reality. They offer parcels of prime Wyoming land at rates as low as 7.9%, guaranteed financing and no qualifying requirements. Plus, initial down payments can be as low as 10%.

So go ahead, choose a piece of gorgeous Wyoming real estate and build that perfect vacation home you've always dreamed of. Wyoming is waiting for you.