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Wyoming Fun Facts When Considering Buying Land with Brooksland


Along with its beautiful landscapes and sweeping scenic views, Wyoming also has a rich history that is filled with interesting facts and events.

Here are the top five Wyoming fun facts.

1. Wyoming is the least populated state in the country

For anybody who loves wide open spaces, Wyoming is the place for you! With a population of only about 550,000, the residents of this great state get to explore and enjoy nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed.  You'll never have to worry about traffic jams or big crowds either. 

2. Yellowstone is the world's First National Park

Yellowstone National Park was designated as such in 1872, making it not only the first of its kind in the nation, but also the first National Park in the world. It was named a National Park to ensure it remained protected and preserved at all times.

3. Devil's Tower was the first National Monument in the country

Devil's Tower was named an official monument of the country in 1906, making it the nation's first. Made official by President Theodore Roosevelt, the goal of naming national monuments was to protect historic and prehistoric sights around the nation.

4. Wyoming was the first state to give women the right to vote

In 1869, Wyoming Territory gave women the right to vote with several other territories quickly following suit. This was a revolutionary idea at the time and Wyoming was proud to be the leader in extending equal voting rights to both men and women. Louisa Ann Swain was the first woman to vote in a general election. It was in 1870 when she cast her ballot in Laramie, Wyoming

5. Nellie Taylor Ross, former governor of Wyoming, was the first female governor in the United States

Mrs. Ross was elected in 1925 after the death of the sitting governor and her husband, William Bradford Ross. She became the first female to hold this office and was known for her outspoken nature and for her work within the community. So, while you might think of the wild west as a man's world, the history of Wyoming makes it clear this was not always the case.

The Wyoming fun facts listed above, along with many more, is what makes this beautiful state so dynamic and interesting.