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Financing Your Wyoming Property Investment


With unspoiled beauty and vast natural resources, enjoy the tranquility and opportunity that investing in Wyoming property offers. Purchasing Wyoming land isn't as difficult as you may think. Read on to learn more about your financing options through the federal government, private lenders and cooperatives.

Federal Programs

Federal financing and guaranteed loans through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are operated by the Farm Service Agency (FSA). The FSA operates three programs that can help you finance your Wyoming property. You may access the following FSA loan programs though the Wyoming Business Council.

  • The Land Contract Guarantee Program – This program is designed to help beginning and socially disadvantaged ranchers and farmers acquire land by guaranteeing the land contract for the owners (sellers). Financing guarantees are available for ranches and farms priced up to $500,000 on a new land contract.
  • The Direct Loan Program – The FSA oversees the Direct Loan Program, which provides loans using government funds. The FSA provides credit counseling and supervision to its borrowers by assisting loan applicants to evaluate their real estate, machinery, production management and goals. Additionally, the Direct Loan program offers emergency loans, direct operating loans, farm ownership down payment loans, farm ownership joint financing loans and youth loans.
  • The Guaranteed Loan Program – Guaranteed loans are available through commercial lenders, such as the Farm Credit System, credit unions and banks. The FSA guarantees the lending financial institution up to 95% of the loan amount. The FSA has the responsibility of all loan approvals of qualified applicants.

Additional federal guaranteed loan programs are available through the Rural Development (RD) division of the USDA. RD oversees the Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Programs, which boosts the credit structure through loan guarantees of private lenders, such as farm credit banks, credit unions and banks. Guaranteed loans through this program are available to eligible individuals, for-profit and non-profit businesses, cooperatives, federally-recognized tribes and public bodies.

Credit Cooperatives

Ranch and farm credit cooperatives are another great option for financing your Wyoming property investment. Credit cooperatives are owned and operated by ranchers and farmers sensitive to the needs of new and next generation producers. The following are credit cooperatives that may be able to assist you with land financing:

  • AgCountry Farm Credit Services
  • Farm Credit Council
  • Greenstone Farm Credit Services