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Advice for First-Time Ranch Owners


Owning a ranch is the doorway to a new world. Broad vistas, towering mountains, dense forests, rushing streams, and open range can be as close as your front yard.

Ranch ownership provides a rich and exciting lifestyle. As you embark on your dream of owning a ranch in the American West, there are a few things every first-time rancher should know.

Make a Plan - Set Your Goals

The desire to return to the land is a powerful force but don’t let it cloud your judgment. In searching for a Wyoming ranch for sale, take the time to make a plan and determine what type of ranch you want and what your goals are.

A vacation or second-home ranch is very different from a full-time residence or working ranch. Decide in advance whether your ranch will be a place to hike and fish, ride horseback and enjoy the outdoors, or a ranch that will provide income from the land, or both.

Develop Your Property With Your Goals In Mind

If your ranch is to be your portal to a world of outdoor activities, you will want to ensure that the property has plenty of backcountry features. Developing easy access to hiking, horseback riding, winter sports, and fishing on your ranch or in adjacent public lands will be the primary requirements.

Developing pasture land with good water sources so that livestock and feed production thrive will ensure the success of your working ranch. Also, include space for necessary barns and outbuildings in addition to your home.

Improve your ranch property keeping your goals in mind. The time spent making a plan will eliminate frustration and pay off in years of satisfaction.

Professional Guidance

Selecting the perfect Wyoming ranch for sale can be daunting. An experienced professional can guide you through the process, and ensure that there are no overlooked important, and potentially costly details like:

  • Adequate access
  • Regulatory restrictions (wetlands, archeological sites, dump sites, water contamination, zoning, etc.)
  • Easements on the property
  • Water sources and flood potential
  • Old hazardous dumpsites on or around the property
  • Restricted uses

A professional will ensure that the property you select meets all of your ranch goals

Savor and Enjoy

Finally, your ranch is not only a sound financial investment in the future for you and your family. It is an investment in the quality of life. Savor and enjoy your new lifestyle.