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Pine Ridge Ranch is part of Goshen County in southeastern Wyoming.  Known as the "Gateway to the West" and the Rocky Mountains, where hundreds of thousands of pioneers followed the Oregon Trail into the county while headed West.  The Fort Laramie military post, originally a native American trading post, gradually grew into a major re-supply stop at the junction of the Mormon and Oregon Trails.  The Pine Ridge Ranch is ideally located just 6 miles from the town of Fort Laramie.  The ranch is also located just 20 minutes from Torrington, Wyoming, a farming and ranching community near the North Platte river.  Torrington also serves as the county seat for Goshen County.

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Locations & Directions


Fort Laramie, WY


Take I-25 north out of Cheyenne to US-26 Exit #92 (Guernsey/Torrington exit) and turn right. Continue on US-26 for approximately 27 miles passing through Guernsey. You will arrive in Fort Laramie - turn left at North Laramie Ave. (Stop Sign) and continue for about 6 miles (Note: North Laramie Ave becomes Kaspere Rd. at about the 2 mile mark). The road will curve a several times before coming to the entrance of the ranch - straight ahead.


Pine Ridge Ranch Fort Laramie, WY Toll Free: 307.267.8620

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Pine Ridge Ranch

Pine Ridge Ranch Fort Laramie, WY Toll Free: 307.267.8620

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Ranch Amenities

Known as the "Gateway to the West" and the Rocky Mountains, where hundreds of thousands of pioneers followed the Oregon Trail into the county while headed West.

Water Sports & Fishing
Horseback Riding

Pine Ridge Ranch



Capturing the spirit of the Old West, Goshen County offers not-to-be missed museums, monuments and historic sites which pay tribute to its colorful past.  You'll also find ground-pounding rodeos and horse shows.  After all, Wyoming isn't called "the cowboy-up state" for nothing!


Fishing, birdwatching and boating also are popular, thanks to nearby lakes and recreation areas.  These include Lake Minatare to the east and Hawk Springs State Recreation Area, which is about 40 miles south of Torrington.  Also nearby is Guernsey Lake, where hiking, camping, mountain biking and more are enhanced by beautiful sandstone cliffs.

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Pine Ridge Ranch has various financing plans with rates as low as 7.9%. All our plans require a minimum of 10% down payment, with no qualifying! You buy down your interest rate by putting more down or financing over a shorter term. Discounts are available for multiple parcel purchases, military personnel, or cash sales.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Property Look Like?

Surround yourself with cool pines, grassy rolling hills and panoramic cistas. All are the perfect backdrop for the unspoiled countryside. With every breath of fresh, clean air, you'll know that the pristine Pine Ridge Ranch is for you - especially since it has been thoughtfully master-planned to exist in harmony with nature and wildlife.

Where Is The Property Located?

The Pine Ridge Ranch is ideally located in southeastern Wyoming, just 6 miles from the historic town of Fort Laramie. This unique ranch property is approximately 115 miles from Cheyenne, Wyoming, 130 miles from Casper, Wyoming and 210 miles from Denver, Colorado

What Is The Elevation Of The Ranch?

The average elevation at Pine Ridge Ranch is approximately 4500ft.

What Are The Average Temperatures In Fort Laramie?

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

26°  28°  36°  44°  55° 63° 71° 69°  58°  46°  34°  25°

What Towns Are Closest To The Property?

This scenic ranch property is approximately 6 miles northeast of Fort Laramie, Wyoming, 115 miles from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and 210 miles north of Denver, Colorado.

What Improvements Have Been Made?

A qualified surveyor registered in the State of Wyoming has accurately surveyed all of the individual ranch properties and recorded a survey within Goshen County. All property corners are clearly marked.In addition, bladed, crowned and ditched roads provide access within the property. This includes recorded easements which provide you permanent, legal access to your property.

What Are Most People Planning To Do With Their Land?

Most property owners feel that Pine Ridge Ranch is a good opportunity to own a large, yet affordable piece of Wyoming. Some owners plan to make their property into a second home, while others plan to move to their property after retirement. Many plan to pass it down to their children or grandchildren, while others plan to possibly subdivide the property at a later date, keeping some acreage and selling the rest. Many of the property owners also plan to utilize the property as a permanent home or a recreational retreat or getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Pine Ridge Ranch is ready for you to build your dream home or just enjoy the good feeling of land ownership.

Can I Subdivide My Property?

In order to subdivide any parcel into one or more parcels of less than 35 acres in size, it is necessary to comply with subdivision laws and obtain approval from Goshen County. All property owners must comply with Goshen County subdivision and zoning regulations and requests must first be presented to the County Planning Commission for approval. If you have any questions, check with the local Goshen County Planning Department.

What About Water?

The “water rights” belong to the State of Wyoming, run with the land, and cannot be transferred separately from the property. You are entitled to drill a domestic well on your property at your own cost. Water is not guaranteed to be available at any specific depths, quantity, or quality. Contact a Licensed Wyoming Well driller for further information and proposed costs. You may also wish to haul water or enter into a “shared well” agreement with a neighboring parcel owner.

What About Utilities?

Electric service will be available to each parcel at Pine Ridge Ranch. Utility easements have been established throughout Pine Ridge Ranch to allow for electricity along the parcel boundaries. People wanting alternative power can also use propane gas and/or generators for refrigerators, cooking and heating purposes. Solar and wind power technology is also an excellent alternative form of energy. Waste water disposal for Pine Ridge Ranch is achieved by individual septic systems. Further information about utilities and who to contact can be provided upon request.

What Is The Property Zoned And What Are The Property Taxes For A Parcel?

The zoning at Pine Ridge Ranch is currently Agricultural-Residential. Currently, the approximate annual property taxes on a 40 acre ranch parcel at Pine Ridge Ranch calculate to approximately $500 per year.

If I Finance The Property, To Whom Do I Make My Payments And How Will I Know I have Received Proper Credit For My Payments?

Your payments will be made to a licensed Contract Servicing Agent (not the developer or seller). Currently, contracts are serviced by the Trust Department of First American Title Insurance Company, who will account for all of your payments. The Title Company, or other potential servicing agent acting as a third party, will keep track of your balance and payments at all times and notify you when the purchase price is paid in full.

May I Use The Land While I'm Paying For it And When Do I Receive A Deed To My Property?

Yes, beginning the very day you sign the purchase contract, the land is yours to use and enjoy. When the property is paid in full, the Title Insurance Company will issue the property owner a “free and clear” Warranty Deed, along with a Title Insurance Policy.

Can I Resell My Property In The Future And Make A Profit?

While there is no guarantee of profit from any land sale, history has proven that the prices of all our ranch properties have always increased every year. We believe there are many reasons for this upward trend, including inflation, population growth, a decreasing supply of land, the public's desire for a more natural environment, trend toward movement away from urban areas and the increasing popularity of outdoor recreational activities. We believe the sales prices will continue to increase due to supply and demand for this type of property.

Is There A Property Owners Association Or Any Restrictions On The Property?

The Developer has established Pine Ridge Ranch Owners Association (PRROA). The main purpose of the association is to maintain the roads within Pine Ridge Ranch. Maintaining the access roads within the development will allow our Property Owners good access to their parcels now and in the future and help to enhance and preserve property values. The Association currently has dues of $232.75 per year, per ranch property. The dues cannot increase more than 10% per year to meet the needs of the Association without a majority vote of all the Property Owners. In an effort to help protect the natural beauty and to enhance and help protect the future value of all the ranch properties, the Seller/Developer of Pine Ridge Ranch has recorded some thoughtful protective guidelines (i.e. Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (C.C.R.'s), which are readily available for review upon request.

Does A Buyer Have To Build A house Within A Certain Time Frame?

A ranch buyer is never obligated to build anything on their property. However, if someone chooses to build a home, there is a time frame once construction begins until completion. This is further outlined within the Protective Covenants.

Why Are Some Properties More Expensive Than Others?

The ranch properties have been priced according to our “A B C” analysis. “A B C” stands for Access, Beauty and Character. In other words, how good, quick or easy is the access to the property from the main highway or county road, etc. The beauty of the property mainly pertains to the vegetation and scenic views etc. The character of the property refers mainly to its topography. For example: Is the parcel flat, rolling, steep, etc.

How Many Parcels Are Available And How Much Is Still For Sale?

The exact number of parcels available is changing daily or weekly because the demand continues to be so strong. Currently, there is still a wide variety of private ranch parcels to choose from. We encourage you, for the best selection, to visit Pine Ridge Ranch as soon as possible.

Who Pays The Closing Costs And For Title Insurance?

At this time, the developer/seller is paying all the closing costs as well as the Title Insurance premium. There are absolutely no hidden or additional costs; you get your property free and clear of any liens and encumbrances at the time of your purchase.

Is There A Penalty For Paying Off My Land Early?

There is absolutely no prepayment penalty. Your monthly payment is applied to your account balance using simple interest on the unpaid balance. Any and all extra monthly payments will be applied directly to the principal. All extra payments will directly lower your balance, reducing the overall interest you pay on your purchase. You should receive your payment booklet from the title company within 4 to 6 weeks after closing.

Can I Make An Offer And What Kinds Of Discounts Are Available?

Offers are not encouraged as the properties are priced for immediate sale under our "No Haggle" pricing policy. There is a 5% discount for all multiple parcel purchases. In addition, we offer Military Discounts of 5% to all active and retired military personnel.

What Is The Least Amount I Can Put Down And How Do I Know I Qualify To Buy?

A minimum of 10% down payment is required for our no-qualifying, guaranteed financing and there is no further qualifying involved.

Will I Be Pressured To Buy?

Absolutely not! At Brooks Realty and Advisory Group our “no pressure” policy is always in effect. Our prime properties practically sell themselves. We won't be hounding you to buy. However, our friendly ranch representatives are always available to take your call and answer any questions you might have and we welcome those calls. Be assured you'll always be treated with respect and there will be absolutely no pressure to buy. References are also available upon request. If you have any further questions about Remington Ranch, please don't hesitate to give us a call and one of our friendly ranch representatives will be happy to assist you. We look forward to introducing you to Pine Ridge Ranch!