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If you are in the market for a new or second home location, a future ranch site, or simply a great financial investment, our northwestern Arizona Ranches for sale provide the perfect piece of property you and your family are looking for. Stagecoach Trails consists of approximately 130,000 acres, subdivided into 40-acre ranches that border Federal and State lands, and offers the breathtaking mountain views and desert landscapes only found in the American West. Feel the spirit and freedom the pioneers experienced while trekking across this beautiful land and into our nation's proud history.

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12470 S. Yucca Frontage Road Yucca, AZ


Located just off Interstate 40, between Kingman and the California border, the Stagecoach Trails development offers the best of all worlds.


Stagecoach Trails Ranch 12470 S. Yucca Frontage Road Yucca, AZ Toll Free: 877.468.9823

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Stagecoach Trails Ranch

Stagecoach Trails Ranch 12470 S. Yucca Frontage Road Yucca, AZ Toll Free: 877.468.9823

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Ranch Amenities

Stagecoach trails at santa fe ranch is a community of about 130,000 acres of land over a large and abundant aquifer.

Water Sports & Fishing
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Stagecoach Trails Ranch



Located in northwestern Arizona halfway between Kingman and the California border, Stagecoach Trails at Santa Fe Ranch is a community of about 130,000 acres of land over a large abundant aquifer. With its dry, desert climate, the property is situated at the base of the majestic Hualapai Mountains and features gentle sloping terrain that moves into some foothills and boulder outcroppings.


Kingman, the largest city closest to Stagecoach Trails, sits in the northwestern corner of Arizona and is the hub of Route 66 as it has the look and feel of a small classic Route 66 destination town from the 1950s-602. It is less than 90 miles southeast of Las Vegas and only 200 miles north of Phoenix. Living at Stagecoach Trails at Santa Fe Ranch combines the best of the old world lifestyle with the conveniences of larger cities just a short drive away.

Living at Stagecoach Trails at Santa Fe ranch has some wonderful qualities including:


  • Its centralized location just under 30 miles from Lake Havasu City and Kingman as well as Needles, California
  • It is in close proximity to Las Vegas which is just over 120 miles away
  • Offer beautiful properties and scenic views of the mountains and valleys
  • Fun recreation and outdoor activites within a short drive of the ranch including water sports and fishing at the Colorado River along the western border of Arizona and Alamo Lake which is a short drive south of the ranch.
  • A great year round climate with hunting and hiking opportunities in the adjacent Hualapai and McCracken Mountains and the many federal lands that surround the community
  • A plentiful water supply from the natural aquifer making it very possible for property owners to drill a well or install water tanks for their water supply
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Stagecoach Trails Ranch has various financing plans with rates as low as 7.9%. All our plans require a minimum of 10% down payment, with no qualifying! You buy down your interest by putting more down or financing over a shorter term. Discounts are available for multiparcel purchases, military personnel, or cash sales.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Property Look Like?
Stagecoach Trails is a beautiful property with scenic and abundant vegetation located at the base of the majestic Hualapai Mountains. The property ranges in elevation from approximately 2,000 to 3,400 feet, providing for an excellent year round climate and average daily temperatures of approximately 82°. The property varies from mostly flat and gently terraced to some steep foothills with large boulder outcroppings. The plentiful vegetation includes Palo Verde, Ironwood, Juniper and Pinon trees as well as spectacular giant Joshua, Saguaro, Prickly Pear, Yucca and Cholla cacti.
Where Is The Property Located?
Stagecoach Trails is located in northwestern Arizona, near the Colorado river between the cities of Lake Havasu and Kingman. Our land office is located in the small town of Yucca, Arizona along Interstate 40 at the Alamo Road exit (Exit # 25). There is excellent accessibility to all the ranch properties off Alamo Road, which is a county maintained roadway. Bladed and graded roads branching from Alamo Road provide convenient access to all the parcels. In addition, all roads are constructed within recorded easements which provide you permanent legal access to your property.
What Towns Are Closest To The Property And What Kind Of Facilities Are Available?
The closest town to Stagecoach Trails is Yucca, Arizona, a small community which provides access to all your basic necessities such as food and a post office. The property is ideally situated between Lake Havasu City, which is approximately 40 miles south of our land office, and Kingman, which is approximately 25 miles north of our land office. Both cities are easily accessible by major highways. Lake Havasu City, famous as the new American home of the London Bridge, and Kingman, a Route 66 Main Street City, are cities that have excellent medical facilities as well as convenient, modern and large shopping centers.
What Improvements Have Been Made?
A qualified surveyor, registered in the State of Arizona, accurately surveys all of our properties. All property corners are clearly marked. Additionally, graded roads have been built for easy access and street signs have been installed.
What Are Most People Planning To Do With Their Land?
Most of the current owners feel that Stagecoach Trails is a good opportunity to own a large yet affordable piece of Arizona to use now or to hold for the future. Some of the owners plan to retire on the property, others plan to pass it down to their children or grandchildren, while still other owners plan to subdivide the property into smaller parcels at a later date, probably keeping one and selling the others. Many of the property owners also plan to utilize the property as a permanent home or a recreational getaway.
Has Anyone Built Or Done Anything With Their Property Yet?
Yes, to date several people have already built on their property. More people than initially anticipated are planning on occupying their property sooner than later.
Can I Subdivide My Property?
The State of Arizona allows an individual to subdivide their property into no more than five parcels. However, be aware that county zoning must be complied with. Because the current zoning is AR-36 you will need to apply for a rezone in order to subdivide. The Developer asks that you wait a minimum of 18 months after your purchase before doing so.
What About Utilities?
Currently, electric service is available to a limited number of ranch parcels. However, utility easements have been established to allow for the future extension of electricity along the parcel boundaries by owners at some future date. People wishing power today can also use propane gas and/or generators refrigerators, cooking and heating purposes. Solar power technology is also an excellent alternative form of energy. Waste water disposal for Stagecoach Trails is achieved by individual septic systems.
What About Water?
100% of the water rights for each parcel are conveyed to every Stagecoach Trails property owner. Water for your Stagecoach Trails parcel is to be provided by individual wells on your own parcel at your cost. The Arizona Department of Water resources has provided a water statement which indicates that wells in the area of Stagecoach Trails have depths from as low as 80 feet to over several hundred feet. To date, many parcel owners have successfully drilled wells on their properties. For example, water for the Stagecoach Trails land office in Yucca is provided by an individual well system at a depth of 325 feet. The cost for drilling a domestic water well runs approximately $20 per foot, depending upon the size.
Who Owns The Mineral Rights And What Effect Does It Have On My Property?
Most of Arizona properties are sold without the mineral rights, as mineral rights are often reserved by the Government or previously retained by the railroads, which allows others the right to enter onto others property to remove any minerals. At Stagecoach Trails, 100% of the mineral rights are transferable, and the Developer has initially decided to include them in your purchase.
What Is The Property Zoned And What Are The Property Taxes For A Parcel?
The zoning at Stagecoach Trails is currently AR-36. This means the property is zoned Agricultural-Residential and allows one residence per 36 acres. Currently, the approximate annual property taxes on a 40 acre ranch parcel at Stagecoach Trails calculates to run a little over 1% of the purchase price per year. ( i.e. - $20,000 @ .0125 = $225/ year)
To Whom Do I Make My Payments And How Will I Know I Have Received Proper Credit For My Payments?
Your payments will be made to a bonafide Contract Servicing Agent (not the developer), which is currently First American Title - Trust Department, who will account for all payments. This third party will keep track of your balance and payments at all times and will indicate when the purchase price is paid in full.
May I Use The Land While I'm Paying For it And When Do I Receive A Deed To My Property?
Yes, beginning the very day you sign the contract, the land is yours to use and enjoy. Since all the property is being held in trust by First American Title as Trustee, upon full payment of the Purchase Price for your property, First American Title will issue a Deed to the property giving you free and clear title and a title insurance policy on the property you have purchased.
Can I Resell My Property In The Future And Make A Profit?
While there is no guarantee of profit from any land sale, our prices have increased every year. We believe there are many reasons for this upward trend, including inflation, population growth, a decreasing supply of land, the public's desire for a more natural environment, trend toward movement away from urban areas and the increasing popularity of outdoor recreational activities.
Is There A Property Owners Association Or Any Restrictions On The Property?
The Developer has established the Santa Fe Ranch Property Owners Association whose main purpose is to maintain the roads within Stagecoach Trails. Maintaining the access roads within the development will allow our Property Owners access to their parcels in the future and it is believed it will help to enhance and preserve property values. The Association currently has dues of $135.00 per year per parcel. The dues cannot increase more than 10% per year to meet the needs of the Association without a majority vote of the Property Owners. In an effort to help protect the natural beauty and to enhance and help protect the future value of the property, the Developer of Stagecoach Trails has recorded some thoughtful protective guidelines (i.e. Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (C.C.R.s)), which are readily available for review.
Why Are Some Properties More Expensive Than Others?
The Developer prices the various 40 acre ranch properties according to an “A B C” analysis and consideration of the proximity of the parcels to existing electric. A B C stands for Access, Beauty and Character. In other words, how quick or easy is the access to the property from the Interstate or the main county road, etc. The beauty of the property pertains to the vegetation, views, proximity to the mountains, etc. The character of the property refers to the topography, is the parcel flat, rolling, steep? Does the parcel have a large wash or several arroyos? During the last few years our sales prices have increased due to supply and demand. We believe this trend will continue.
How Many Parcels Are Available And How Much Is Still For Sale?
The exact number of parcels available is always changing because the demand continues to be so strong. Each new unit or phase offers an excellent and exciting variety of private ranch parcels to choose from.
What Is The Size Of The Parcels?
Each parcel is approximately 40 acres in size (equal to approximately 14 (100' x 125') city lots or 1,742,400 square ft.!) You may also purchase more than one parcel if you wish.
Why Is Stagecoach Trails So Inexpensive? What's The Catch?
There is no catch. We purchase large properties at a low price. By buying larger parcels it is possible to get a lower price per acre. We then subdivide the property into 40 acre ranches and pass our savings on to our customers.
Who Is The Developer?
Stagecoach Trails is a development of Legend Land, L.L.C., involving Ben Brooks & Associates, and Brooks Realty & Advisory Group who have been associated for nearly 30 years with developing and marketing in excess of 250,000 acres of Arizona land. The Brooks name is synonymous with offering fine Arizona properties and their best references are their past customers, of which they have thousands. Proud professionalism, honest dealings and good customer service is what the Brooks name is all about.